Local Government Services International
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Local Government Services International (LSGI)provides technical assistance to central governments (national), state (provincial) governments, and local governments in achieving real property tax administration program goals.

Additionally we help corporate asset managers and membership organizations comply with and understand local tax policies, often acting as an effective liaison between the private taxpayer/investor and the local taxing authority.

Our effective approaches have been developed from more than 30 years of experience in assessment administration.

Categories and Topics of Interest

Public Sector Service Areas


  • Careers in Property Assessment & Valuation
  • Assistance with next generation initiatives for assessment administration 
  • Assessment program project management techniques
  • Enhanced public relations and community outreach
  • Project Management for Property Taxation
  • Evaluation of Best Practices (performance audits and measuring and implementing best practices) 
  • Subject matter expert technical assistance to international development agencies and organizations


Private Sector Service Areas


  • Property tax compliance
  • Explanation of property tax policies in plain-English for membership organizations 
  • Property tax appeal advice (B2B)
  • Effective ways that corporate and independent property tax managers can work with local assessors
  • Evaluation of Best Practices (performance audits and measuring and implementing best practices)